The Experience

The Experience

We create a unique environment in which people directly experience the power of synergy. As people from diverse cultures and disciplines move together towards a common goal with a common set of values, people have a strong sense of unity and often feel elated. Once experienced, this cannot be ‘un-known’ and remains a blueprint for what is possible through authentic leadership.

There is a fundamental change in the way people think, behave and act, helping them to be different. The ideas and concepts covered during the experience are moved from an intellectual level, to where they can be internalised – the move from the head to the heart. It’s a process that has a powerful impact: it enables the creation of an organisation that is values driven and wants to learn.

We use both cognitive and intuitive approaches to create fresh perspectives on what’s possible. Our work draws from many disciplines: we blend analogy and example from quantum physics and biology, with music, storytelling and lessons from the lives of great leaders.

Discussion is open and lively, with plenty of time for personal reflection. We look at the role of emotions in everyday life and decision making, deepening both the awareness and understanding of emotional intelligence. Participants explore values in relation to their personal lives, their workplace and their communities. Each person discovers how they can best live and express these values every day.

During the event (typically 3 days), the individuals in the group begin to function as a whole. Many experience transformation and gain new insights into their different roles. They understand the influence they already have and how they can play their part in leading the organisation. They feel empowered to live the values of the organisation and go back to work willing and prepared to make a significant difference.

People stop asking “What can I get?” and they start thinking “What can I give?”

People stop asking “Why me?” and start saying “Why not me?”